Windows and Doors – WINDOWS AND DOORS broken_glass

Windows and doors are an important part of any house. They furnish ventilation and lighting into your home. Improperly built or badly kept windows and doors will cause you lots of issues. If a window or door does not fit perfectly, then it will permit cold and hot air to enter your home. Properly built storm windows and doors will also provide extra security. If the storm windows fit correctly.


Windows are the most significant source of lost heat. Loose fitting, cracked or missing panes, permit your heat to escape the window all through the winter. Caulking and weather stripping around the windows are very important. Caulking plugs cracks as well as spaces around windows where frames meet external siding. Plugging the gaps and cracks minimizes the amount of heat loss as well as keeping moisture out of your house. fix-window
Weather stripping is normally added to windows where the sash and frame touch, and on doors where the door and jamb come together along the top and sides. Weather stripping is made of bronze, aluminum, steel and rubber or plastic strips. Weather stripping has to be replaced periodically, especially in areas that are used regularly. inspect-windows


You need to inspect all your windows each spring and each fall. Check the caulking and weather stripping around your window and look for split, missing or loosely fitted windows.
Doors do not just give you a way into and out of your house, but they as well supply you with shelter from the outside. Firstly, you should examine your door for correct operation. Does the door open easily, does the door close fully and will the door lock tightly? Then you have to make certain that the door is not split or missing some panes. replace-windowsUse a sharp tool to delicately look for rotten wood, loose fitting putty and flaking caulking. When you discover these issues, generally it means that there is some kind of moisture in your wood. You may have the ability to make a few of these fixes yourself.
If you don’t know how to make these fixes, get a skilled carpenter to make these repairs.
Just like your windows, weather stripping and caulking are also extremely important. Doors that are used most often will have to be caulked and weather stripped more often. If your door is still drafty, then you might have a problem with your home settling.

Examine your windows and doors two times a year, once in the fall and once in the spring. You will have to look for and make the following fixes: storm-door
1) Repair broken, loose or broken glass.

2) Scrape and paint any loose paint on all doors and windows.

3) Replace or fix missing, loose, fallen or damaged caulking.

4) Repair, tighten or substitute any loose or missing storm windows.

5) Patch or repair the screenings on the windows.