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The exterior walls and siding of your house must be weathertight to prevent water damage and drafts. Peeling paint, damaged shingles and open joints in siding and trim are not only unsightly, they are open to major issues. Suitable upkeep of your exterior walls will assist you avoid pricey damage to the inside walls. Exterior walls are made up of framing, insulation, sheeting paper, siding and trim. Each item plays a vital part in making your home weatherproof which will keep you dry and warm indoors. There are a selection of different kinds of siding: wood, vinyl, aluminum, brick and stone. Still the simple fact is that siding and trim do not last unless they are well serviced on a frequent basis.



No matter what type of siding and trim you might have on your exterior walls you need to examine the walls a minimum of two times a year. Your primary concern will be detecting regions where water might get through your walls. Check the walls from top to bottom searching thoroughly for defects in the surface area. It may be needed to utilize a screwdriver on the surface area to examine if wood is rotting. Pay very close attention to the walls on the south and southeast sides of your house. These walls get more direct exposure to the sun and temperature changes that make them more apt to disintegrate rapidly. Keep a notepad convenient so you can mark down the conditions and all modifications in the exterior walls of your home.



As part of your assessment, you should add frequent maintenance through routine cleaning, caulking, painting or staining and any simple preventive repairs on an as required basis.
Cleaning: One of the simplest upkeep tasks for your walls is to merely hose down your siding and trim to remove dirt and grime. For brick surfaces you may use a car wash brush that attaches to a water hose. The combo of good old elbow grease and ordinary water and a brush will handle the majority of brick cleaning problems. With vinyl, aluminum and wood siding you might learn it essential to scrub down the dirty surfaces with a sensible cleansing solution. Any hardware shop will have cleaning supplies. Always make certain to follow product instructions and cover any shrubs and plants below your work area. While you are cleaning up, keep you eye open for mildew on your walls.
You should clean the mildew with one part liquid bleach mixed with three parts warm water. Scrub the surface and let it soak for 15 minutes. Then take a garden water hose and rinse the wall meticulously. If the mildew still exists, scrub the walls with a mixture of water and powdered laundry detergent. Keep in mind to protect your skin and eyes from any cleaning solutions.

Caulking Openings:

Caulking and sealing open joints and seams in the exterior walls should be a top priority in your normal maintenance program. Openings will allow dampness, water, drafts and bugs to sneak into your house. Caulking dries over time, so don’t be surprised to see yourself caulking every year. Caulking is an easy process that you can perform utilizing a caulking gun and putty knife. Make sure you are using the right kind of caulk for the joint you are sealing. Your hardware shop can assist you pick the right caulk. The places that normally require caulking are noted below


  • Windows and door frames
  • Brick and siding joints
  • Seal small foundations cracks
  • Cracks in siding
  • Trim and siding joints
  • Vents
  • Foundation and siding joints